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36 Most Thoughtful (Jan 2022) Sympathy Gift Ideas For Grieving Friend

(updated Jan 2022) Are you searching for appropriate sympathy gift ideas for a grieving friend to send your condolences?

We have come out with a list of the most thoughtful sympathy items to give someone after a death.

What to send when someone passes away?

For someone who has lost a loved one and is grieving, the bereavement gift idea has to be sincere, thoughtful and memorial. It can be something to help the person feel better with a heartfelt condolence message. Besides traditional flowers, appropriate sympathy gifts include symbolic ornaments or a personalized keepsake item.

Whether is presents for people in mourning at the funeral or at a memorial event at a death anniversary, at, our wide variety of death remembrance presents will help your friend tide through the difficult period.

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If you are thinking of what to send when someone dies, then one of the best way to express your condolences is a sincere gesture with this ornament for lost loved one. Sculpted and painted by hand, this willow tree remembrance angel is a genuine sympathy gift idea to offer a grieving friend.

The figure gestures safeguarding something in your heart to signify closeness and remembrance. It can be placed on any surface around the house to symbolize the presence of a loved one.

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Console a neighbour or friend with a stuffed animal during those tough mourning days. Hugging this soft, quality stuffed bear provides moments of comfort.

The recipient will appreciate your heartfelt sympathy as it reminds everyone that the deceased as become an angel in a better place. Suitable for someone who lost a child, brother or sister, the small stuffed animal can be placed on the bed or somewhere prominent during the tough days.

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You could also get a grieving friend gold dipped preserved black rose as a non-food proper condolence gift. Giving these type of long lasting decorative ornaments as gifts of sympathy serves as a symbol to preserve the memory of the loved one who has passed on.

Furthermore, it comes with a stand to hold the rose which can be used to decorate the room and make it is less gloomy during those sad days. Also an appropriate pet loss gift, it can be presented with your other DIY handmade memorial gift like a sympathy card.

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Memories help to ease the pain of a loss. One of the best in loving memory gift ideas, this beautiful memories step stone is available with several different wording to help grieving persons through difficult times.

The words will bring peace and soothe the aching heart. This grief gift for mourning can be tuck anywhere or hung as a wall plaque in or outdoors.

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Loss is bitter. Some sweetness to counter this will go a long way. The beautiful handcrafted grieving basket comes with an assortment of sweet snacks that a friend can munch on even as they continue to cope with these trying times.

Suitable for family of the deceased as part of a condolence package, this will be of great comfort, coupled with words of consolation from their friend courtesy of the customized message that comes with the basket.

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A wind chime is a suitable symbolic item to remember the passing of someone dear. The sound it makes can be comforting and provides a sense of strength especially during times of bereavement.

The availability of a meaningful and encouraging message on the chime makes this an appropriate funeral sympathy gift. It can help to calm the grieving friend while bringing some hope in the journey ahead.

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A blanket offers warmth and support for the survivors. Give this top quality velvet plush throw as one of the sympathy gifts when a loved one dies – they will have a keepsake and useful item long after the funeral.

In addition, this blanket comes with a special poem card that offers the right words to express your condolences which is especially important if you find yourself at a loss of words.

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Help the person cope with the grieving process and convey your deepest sympathy with this memorial picture frame.

Personalize this picture memorial gift with a photo of his or her choice. With the inspirational message, this frame is also an ideal bereavement plaque and a unique way to express your sympathy. It is a nice physical presence memory reminder of the loved one and something to keep for a long time.

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Send the person who is experiencing a painful loss with a special keepsake jar in a nice gift box that will be well appreciated. This beautiful jar from Kindnotes can be filled with numerous notes with heartfelt messages that will express your sympathy, pay tribute to the memory of a loss one, as well as to encourage the person to stay strong and be positive.

Choose from the list of messages you want to include or personalize them to make it the most unique sympathy gift and thoughtful bereavement item he or she will receive. Pair the jar with a gift card or sympathy card for a loving gesture. Another suggestion is that it can be used to keep the death certificate.

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Express your compassion for a loved one who has lost someone dear to them with this wind chimes ornament. Flowers are short-lived while a long-lasting memorial keepsake item like this wind chimes is an ideal suggestion for sympathy gift to send after a death.

The chimes are decorated with solar-powered LED lights and a wonderful message of love is printed on this gift for remembrance. A good Christmas ornament for lost loved ones also.

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This arrangement of distinctive pop-up flowers and card is a classic and comforting way to offer condolences.

The magnificent sympathy flowers will help to calm the funeral venue prior to cremation and will provide some consolation to those who are grieving. Include a brief note to express your condolences. With this alternative to the traditional flower gift idea for the bereaved, you may show them you care and are thinking of them.

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Let this meaningful scented candle help you convey your thoughts and prayers. This candle with its simple but powerful words are especially useful if you are unable to meet the funeral host and cannot be present to personally offer your respect to the deceased person.

Offering your hugs this way through the gifts for sympathy is a lovely way to support them spiritually.

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A thoughtful handmade gift that you can send a loved one or coworker in honor of a recently deceased family member.

This artful handmade string present is made with utmost precision and is very creative. Each of the string arts is unique in its own way and you can choose from different art designs. An appropriate gift for anniversary of death too.

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Help a loved one fight grief after losing a family member or relative with this blanket with a touching condolence message. The blanket is made of super high-quality faux fur for added comfort and sturdiness.

Besides the maker of this blanket allows the buyer to provide a heartfelt message to be embossed on leather patch on the blanket. This sympathy gift is a great bereavement memorial gifts to a friend who has lost a close relative.

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It is difficult to know what to say to a grieving friend, this book of comforts will say it for you; words of comfort and hope when it is needed most.

A book is highly comforting and one of the best religious sympathy gift, it is created in devotional style readings based on personal experiences and biblical examples to guide through challenging times.

Take it to a funeral to express your heartfelt condolences by giving it to your friend.

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Nothing compares to the bond between a child and their mother. The thought of not being able to share this ever again with your mother can be devastating. Remind a friend in this situation that the connection with their mother will forever remain by gifting them this keychain that they can carry around with them, everywhere.

This sympathy present for loss of mom is also be a reminder that she will always be looking after them in the form of a guardian angel, through the hopeful in memory message engraved on it.

An in loving memory of dad keychain version is available too for loss of dad.

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Be a light during the dark times of a mourning friend and family with this condolence lantern. Suitable as a funeral home gift, the yellow nature of the candle as well as the messages of tribute and reminiscence on the front of the lantern will have a warming effect on a cold grieving heart. The funeral director can also use it as part of the funeral proceedings.

It also has a vintage aesthetic that will add on to one’s home décor while still acting as a symbol of a life well-lived by a dear one that has departed this earth.

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Besides flowers, a hand-lettered wooden box is a good condolence present for a bereaved friend as it bears a very touching message. The front side reads “I Wish Heaven Had Visiting Hours”.

This sympathy plaque is further decorated with beautiful sanding on the surface, while the edges are rounded. Apart from being a in loving memory gift suitable to send in the mail, this box is also a piece of home décor.

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Warm your close friend’s heart with this moon lamp that exudes tranquillity which will be a good way to send your deepest condolences. The grieving person will appreciate the warm lights and beautiful quote engraved on the LED bulb.

Made of premium materials, the lamp can be placed beside the funeral flowers and condolence letter. It can provide comfort to the grieving family long after the loved one’s death.

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What to give when someone dies? Celebrate the life of a late beloved with the most unique present. Get a portrait memorial 3D photo crystal with modern laser technology.

Preserve long-lasting memories and personalize it with a customized message with the engraving option. The crystal can be enhanced with a LED to illuminate the crystal.

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A beautiful glass flower vase that contains intricate beautiful botanical artwork. On the front you will see several verses that are deep in meaning and comforting to read. Use it as an ornament or to place some flower arrangement.

It can match sympathy flowers of various colors. It can also be filled with water and place a floating candle.

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This stainless steel and alloy angel bracelet is a perfect small in memory gift idea to let a grieving friend know that you care and are thinking about them. It can be worn in remembrance of lost loved ones to keep their memories alive.

Decorated with an angle wing or pearl, a name and quote disc which is affordable, durable and hypoallergenic. It comes in various designs suitable for a friend or neighbor who has lost their mother or father.

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Quality figurines are great keepsake sympathy gifts. Remember the lives of the deceased with magnificent looking symbols that are meticulously hand painted.

It can be displayed with other figurines and items that the funeral director has arranged. During this difficult time, every thoughtful gesture will be well appreciated by the grieving family.

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Deeper Than Tears Condolence Gift Basket

Combine a sympathy card that has your personal sympathy message and this basket for the grieving family at the memorial service will be an appropriate way to convey your sincere condolences.

Included in the basket, you can find Deeper Than Tears sympathy gift book and some treats for the grieving person. In addition, the wicket basket comes with a bow which will complement the other funeral flowers that are present.

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Wondering how to let a bereaved friend know that you are there for them? Gife them this heart-shaped sympathy plaque will be a perfect way to express your love and support for grieving families which is also an appropriate death anniversary gift.

Instead of flowers, this is a good non-food gift to give in memory of a loved one that they can hold on to for a lifetime, in honor of their lost loved one, unlike any other temporary items.

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After losing someone you care about, all you have are memories. This dignified looking in loving remembrance ceramic tile with wooden stand may help a friend with this gift for loss as it can commemorate their loved one. This may be shown at the funeral arrangement as well as at home by the bereaved person.

This is a thoughtful gift to empathize with your friend while also paying respect to the deceased, and it is a perfect present for loss of wife or death of husband.

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An ideal way to bring comfort to a grieving friend is with this pashmina scarf that will also keep them warm.

It comes with a sympathy greeting card which makes it suitable as part of a sympathy care package idea to show how much you care. The scarf is soft, lightweight and durable.

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Memory jars are among the best condolence gift ideas to a bereaved friend and can be part of a funeral care package. This particular memory jar comes with added features.

It comes conveniently with a pen and a 180-ticket roll for loved ones to write their heartfelt message on to honor the deceased. Also suitable for a grieving neighbor, the wonderful remembrance messages can then be kept in the jar for family members to enjoy reading them later.

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This item is a beautiful unusual way in which to preserve the memory of a loved one. A grieving friend will appreciate this bereavement jewelry music box as it also stores valuables and is music for the ears and soul.

A proper bereavement gift or death anniversary present that can be personalized with a photo, fitted with bun padded feet that protects surfaces and black velvet interior.

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A sympathy basket with the essentials to show your care and concern for the person who has lost someone dear.

With several items like tealight candle holder, keychain and card in a nice gift box, the recipient will feel comforted and appreciate your nice gesture. Support the person with this condolence basket which represents your love all in one detailed packaging.

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When going through life’s most difficult times, beautiful memorial ornaments as sympathy gifts can make a difference to the people suffering in pain. This high quality angel tea light candle that comes with a flameless battery operated candle will bring some hope and strength to the recipient.

It can also be given as part of the memorial gift for loss of a cherished family member like father or mother

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Do you believe that time is a master healer of all wounds? If so, encourage a friend in grief who has lost a family member with this pocket watch keychain set.

An appropriate small gift idea for grieving friend, the keychain, in the form of a sea turtle-shaped pocket watch, comes in a well-done package that also includes a greeting card with the uplifting message: “Time heals all things, but time takes time.” This mourning gift conveys the message that even though it will take time, the future holds the key to their healing.

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Combine a card with your personal message and this sympathy fruit basket as a funeral gift idea and it will be a perfect way to express your care for them during these hard times.

Appropriate as part of a sympathy care package idea, the well-built basket comes packed with several fresh fruits and in seasonal fruits. In addition, there are several sweet treats like honey roasted cashews and chocolates to warm the heart. The grieving basket is wrapped in a sympathy ribbon that exudes peace and simplicity.

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The memory of a loved one never dies. You can communicate this message of hope to a bereaved friend who has lost a parent or grandparent with the memorial necklace for loss.

Made of stainless steel, this inexpensive sympathy present is rust-free, making it capable of lasting forever just as the memory of their loved one. The message, “A piece of my heart lives in heaven”, engraved on the pendant will be a constant reminder that their loved one is in a better place.

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A worthwhile sorry for your loss sympathy gift for grieving loved ones is the ceramic candleholder.

A wonderful message of love and hope is printed on the candle holder just to console the bereft persons. An appropriate gift for grieving children, this beautiful candle holder is crafted to perfection to light up the heart. A scented soy candle in the box provides a warmth amid the melancholy.

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A pleasant chiming sound when the wind blows can also remind us of a lost loved one. Help someone who lost a loved one with this heaven wind chime which is a precious condolence keepsake.

Decorated with a bow and two heart shaped symbols engraved with words of comfort which is accompanied with a bookmark of same words as well.

It can also be given as a Christmas remembrance ornament for someone who recently lost a dear one.

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Sympathy Gift Ideas